Prints! Zines! Other things! You want them, this is the place to inquire about them.

Dedication TK ($5, free shipping)

Five copies of a half-letter zine with a light green cover against gray floorboards.

A zine of dedication pages, a Valentine with more questions than sentiment, a little gesture made as Adorno did for Max "in gratitude and promise."

A spread from the zine featuring the dedication page of Le Guin's The Dispossessed ("For the partner")

A spread from the zine of the dedication page of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby ("Once again to Zelda")

Supply Chain Landscapes: A Plotter Postcard Quarterly ($50)

Five plotter drawings in different colors (ochre, pink, moss, slate gray, teal) depicting the Tug River in southern West Virginia

4 4x6 plotter drawings of various landscapes of global logistics, sent over the course of the year. Above is a previous postcard design that gives an idea of the general aesthetic.